World’s Top Five Wind Energy Nations

Wind Energy, is becoming increasingly popular, worldwide as a viable alternative to fossil fuels. This readily available free Energy source is easy and relatively cheap to harness and is of course, totally pollution free. Let us take a look at which Countries are the leading exponents of Wind Power.

green energy

United States

Undisputedly the world leader, the United States generated some 35000 megawatts of wind power in 2009, or 2% of its entire electricity production. Within the United States, Texas as by far the most wind energy capacity, and its Roscoe Wind Farm is the world’s largest onshore utility. In 2009,the United States, effectively replaced 3 Nuclear power plants, by installing 9900 megawatts of new wind power capacity. This alone was sufficient to power some 2.4 million homes.


The world’s 2nd largest producer of wind power is perhaps not surprisingly China. With its large land mass and long coastline, China is an ideal candidate for wind energy production. Some 25100 megawatts of electricity were generated by wind power in 2009 alone and wind energy has become a key factor in the country’s economic growth over recent years.


A leading exponent of solar energy as well, Germany boasts the world’s tallest wind turbine, at some 524 ft high. The country is totally committed to renewable energy and aims to be 100% free of fossil fuels by 2050. Its current wind power capacity is some 25000 megawatts, but it is not without its critics, due to the cost and the country’s irregular wind patterns.


In fourth spot is Spain, with an installed capacity of 19700 megawatts. Spain aims to generate 15% of its national electricity demand from wind energy and in 2009,it achieved some 14%,overtaking coal as an energy source.


A relative newcomer to Wind Energy, India has made huge strides in recent years. In 2009,some 10925 megawatts were produced by wind energy, which only accounted for 1.6% of total electricity production. However, there are ambitious plans to increase this to a massive 65000 megawatts.

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