Ways to Save Energy and Cut your Bill

There are lots of way you can cut back on your power usage to try and help lower your sky-high hydro bill.

Turn out the lights

Two 100-watt incandescent bulbs switched off for an average of two hours per day could save you $12 over a year.

 Wash your clothes with cold water

You can save around $115 per year by washing clothes in cold water. Another laundry saving tip is to only run the wash when you have a full load.

Take shorter showers

Hot water costs money. If you and your partner cut your yearly shower time by a minute for each shower, you could save more than $30 for the year.

Unplug unused electronics

Even though your electronics aren’t on, they are still using up standby power when they are plugged in.

Hang your laundry

Dryers are expensive, so consider hang-drying your laundry outside or in the basement.

Plant trees

Trees are not only great for the natural environment, they also act as natural heaters and coolers for your house. Lake Simcoe Region Conservation Authority Forest Technician Paul Cottenden said trees can block strong winds from entering your home in the winter and can reduce your heating costs by up to 25 per cent.

Change your lights

Change light bulb

You should know by now that compact fluorescent bulbs are up to 75 per cent more efficient than their halogen counterparts.

Program your thermostat

When you’re not at the house, or you’re sleeping, it’s time to turn the heat or the air conditioning off. Pre-setting this pattern on your thermostat program can save you a lot of money.

Clean your furnace filter

Frequently changing the air filter on your furnace can increase the efficiency of the unit by up to 50 per cent. So, when’s the last time you changed your air filter?

Insulate your attic and basement

If you want to keep that heat inside the home in the winter, and the cool air in the summer, the best way to do that is to insulate the attic and basement where the majority of the heat and cold air manage to escape your house.

Sources: http://www.mississauga.com/community-story/7165279-10-ways-to-save-energy-and-cut-your-hydro-bill-costs/


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