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Ranking: No. 1

Percentage growth: 466.9%

A Seminole energy company has found success in tapping into social consciousness about the environment.

American Power and Gas, which provides green energy from non-fossil fuel based sources, has grown 466.9 percent in three years, making it the No. 1 company on the Fast 50 List for 2016.

The company has its roots in an earlier business, Consumers Sales Solutions, which serviced energy providers, before making a decision five years ago to become an energy firm itself, said Tom Cummins, CEO.

“We decided not to become another one of ‘those guys,’ but to accelerate the adoption of clean energy in our society,” Cummins said. “Our company is very purpose-driven. Our purpose is to get out there, one home at a time, one business at a time, and start switching society from a fossil fuel-based energy consumer to a natural one.”

Driving the decision was the deregulation of energy in several states, including New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania and Ohio — all locations where American Power does business. The company is headquartered in Seminole, but does not do business in the Sunshine State because Florida’s energy industry remains regulated.

“It’s a tough business,” Cummins said.

“You are going up against something that’s been done for years, back to when Edison and Tesla were bringing power to the masses using fossil fuels and coal,” he said. While conventional energy firms have economies of scale, “We are the new kid on the block, using wind power or putting solar on the roof.”

The cost per kilowatt hour of alternative energy historically has been higher than conventional sources, but that’s changing, Cummins said.

“Because of companies likes ours, we’ve driven the cost of wind power and solar power down to one-third of what it was years ago,” he said.

For instance, a $100 bill from a conventional power firm might be $110 or $115 from American Power, but the American Power bill is at a guaranteed price and a fixed rate, Cummins said.

Cummins moved to the Tampa Bay area several years ago, after retiring at age 38 from the telecommunications industry, and said he found “an incredible pool of both employees and executives.”

About 180 of American Power and Gas’ 300 employees are employed locally, and many people on the executive team started in the company’s call center, Cummins said.

The biggest challenge, he said, is education. “We have to educate our staff, we have to educate the public. We’re at a point in the not-too-distant future when there will be a shift to get non-fossil fuel sustainable energy at the same price that you would pay for [conventional] fuel; who wouldn’t choose that?”




American Power and Gas isn’t your average energy company. We are conscientious about how every aspect of our business affects our customers, employees, communities, and environment. Over the past 15 years, we’ve demonstrated our commitment to doing better, more beneficial business by finding more sustainable power sources, offering outstanding customer service to our customers, providing a fun, rewarding workplace for our team, creating our environmental initiative, The Green Effect, and more.


Corporate responsibility is the cornerstone of our company culture. We’re constantly seeking new ways to help every person and partner we’re connected to thrive and prosper along with us. In the following blog, we explain what corporate responsibility means to American Power and Gas and describe our programs to further it.


We want our customers and employees to be proud of the contributions they make with American Power and Gas. Now, what does pride actually mean? According to the Oxford English Dictionary, one definition of “proud” is: “having or showing a consciousness of one’s own dignity.” This word comes from the Old French “prud,” and, before that, the Latin verb “prodesse” which means “be of value.” The origin of pride is both interesting and important. It signals that, to be truly proud, to have real dignity, a person, group, or company must serve and “be of value” to others. Keeping this in mind, how could we feel proud of our company’s stupendous success without actively sharing it with others? We don’t want to just do well, we want to do good. We don’t consider our corporate responsibility program an afterthought or added bonus—it is the foundation of our company philosophy, American Power and Gas’s pride and joy.


Simultaneously supporting our customers, staff, society at large, and planet is quite the complex task. Fortunately, we’re up for the challenge. To achieve our aims, we’ve broken our corporate responsibility programs into five key areas:

Air and Environment.  As an alternative energy supplier, this segment of our corporate responsibility mission is one of the most critical. Many energy companies provide their customers with power using fossil fuels and nonrenewable sources that use up limited resources while damaging Earth’s ecology. In contrast, American Power and Gas provides 100 percent wind-generated energy. This fuel source creates no greenhouse gases or contaminants and is highly sustainable, substantially shrinking our customers’ carbon footprints. In addition, we’re doing our part to fight deforestation with our Green Trees Campaign. Through our partnership with Treecycler, each customer that enrolls and enters the codes we send can plan 18 trees each year around the globe.

Seamless Fundraising.  Thousands of charities have worthwhile aims, but need financial resources to achieve them. American Power and Gas is delighted to help these organizations raise money using energy, a resource everyone needs. We provide partner charities with a dedicated online landing page and other forms of assistance to help them achieve their goals.

Food and Water. Unfortunately, millions of children across the globe go hungry on a daily basis. To help resolve this tragic problem, American Power and Gas has created a food program. Qualified customers can sign up to donate one meal per week to less fortunate children. We hope to provide thousands of meals using this approach and expand from there to truly tackle this worldwide concern.


Freedom. Members of the United States armed forces help ensure the freedom and security we enjoy as Americans. American Power and Gas recognizes the true value of these brave military servicemen and women’s contributions, so we’re dedicated to giving back to our veterans. As our team grows, we’re putting special emphasis on hiring veterans, and we recently launched our Veteran’s Hub, an online portal to connect veteran-owned businesses with interested customers and partners. We are committed to improving veterans’ access to job opportunities and overall quality of life.

Business Expansion. We want to see all companies flourish and grow as we have. Interested companies can partner with us to become a part of our gift card program. When new customers enroll, we offer them different gift card options, encouraging them to learn more about and shop at these businesses. We can also create a customized campaign for businesses, which could include a landing page, in-store promotional materials, and more. In addition, many customers prefer to work with green companies, so simply switching to our affordable, eco-friendly energy could boost business.


Are you inspired to become a part of our corporate responsibility initiatives? Here’s how you can get involved:

If you’re an American Power and Gas customer, you can simply sign up for one or more of our campaigns. From that point forward, we’ll take care of everything and provide detailed instructions. We’ll also be in touch to let you know how your assistance is affecting the world for the better!
If you’re an individual who wants to help, just call us or send us an email. We’ll work with you to determine how you can best contribute.
If you own or manage a business, we can help you get your customers involved in any or all of the above campaigns or enroll your company in our gift card program. American Power and Gas can also set up a landing page for your business to present your support and highlight your own corporate responsibility. We’d be happy to send you “take ones” or other marketing collateral to use at your physical location.
If you need assistance with fundraising for your charity, contact us and we would be thrilled to partner with or assist you in any way we can.
Once you sign up for one of our programs, you should receive confirmation of your enrollment in about 10 days, at which point you will begin experiencing the benefits of the campaign. If you have any questions or concerns throughout this process, our team will be here to help you.


Benefits of Biomass Energy

American Power and Gas:  Biomass is one of renewable energy sources and refers to biological material derived from living organisms such as wood and waste. Biomass is not only used to generate electricity as it is also able to produce heat. Among the simplest examples of biomass are the forest residues such as dead trees and wood chips, which have shown very good potential as energy sources. Biomass also includes plant or animal matter used for production of fibers or chemicals. Biomass energy has very long history and has been used in primitive forms since the early days of mankind. Burning wood in a cave is also a form of biomass energy, a simple conversion of an organic material to heat. Putted in even simpler words, a fire converts the organic wood into heat.

The other thing one need to know about biomass is that biomass energy is derived from five distinct energy sources: garbage, wood, waste, landfill gases, and alcohol fuels. Biomass can be relatively easy converted to other usable forms of energy like methane gas or transportation fuels like ethanol and biodiesel. There are several conversion technologies that may release the energy directly, in the form of heat or electricity, or may convert it to another form, such as liquid biofuel or combustible biogas. Biomass is becoming very popular and getting worldwide acceptance day by day.

Biomass is a renewable energy source

The most obvious benefit of biomass energy is that biomass is renewable source of energy, meaning that it cannot be depleted like this is the case with fossil fuels. Biomass mostly derives from plants and plants are needed to support life on this planet. In other words, as long as plants are going to be on this planet, biomass will be available as renewable energy source.

Biomass Helps Climate Change by Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Biomass indeed helps reduce the amount of greenhouse gas emissions that give more impact to global warming and climate change. Though biomass is connected with certain level of emissions this level is far smaller compared to currently dominant energy sources, fossil fuels. The basic difference between biomass and fossil fuels when it comes to amount of carbon emissions is that all the CO2 which has been absorbed by plant for its growth is going back in the atmosphere during its burning for the production of biomass energy while the CO2 produced from fossil fuels is only going to atmosphere where it increases Earth’s greenhouse effect and adds to global warming. It should be also pointed out that compared to biomass fossil fuels when burning not only produce CO2 but also sulfur dioxide and lead oxide which are very toxic gases.

Cleaner environment

healthy environment

The third main benefit of biomass energy is that biomass can help clean our environment. World population is constantly increasing, and with the increase in population there is also a problem of increased waste which needs to be properly disposed. Many of garbage ends up in rivers, water streams, oceans harming nearby ecosystems and having negative impact on human health. Instead of pollution our planet with all this garbage we could use it for the production of this energy and it helps cleaning our environment from many different form of pollution.

Biomass is widely available source of energy

Even the opponents of biomass do not argue that biomass is widely available energy source. With biomass, almost everywhere we look we can find the potential source for the production of biomass energy. This is certainly one of the main benefits of biomass energy over fossil fuels. As we all know that fossil fuels are not going to last forever, and once fossil fuels will be depleted world will need to have relatively cheap, readily available energy source, and this is where biomass should step in and make the difference. Many energy experts agree that when you combine economic and environmental character of energy sources biomass will be on top of your list as one of the best energy sources.